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About us

Bivest is licenced trading association for accountance recorded In the Institute for accountants and authorized accountants of Republic of Macedonia. Our company is in private property. Disposing with giving good quality service in the financial and customs working and intermediation. The data that you are placing us are strictly confidential and we keep it as a trade secret.

The need of external consultants qualified in the area is from a crucial meaning for planning and providing contracts that every company needs to have to build corporation with companies present in the country and international market.

From the right and well-timed information depends the further result for every contract made with domestic and international partner. Professional and long standing experience in the part of the Macedonian and European legislation is that what we offer.

Help and corporation with the institutions in the sector of trade companies, non-governmental organisations, chambers,associations and other institution: Ministery of Finance, Public Revenue Office, Ministery of economy, Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, Central Register, Public Enterprise Official Gazette, National Bank, Directorate of Customs Administration.

Financial accounting services

Qualified, lawful, diligency and neat guiding book of accounts.

Proffesional, efficient:
• Financial accountance;
• Foreign exchange operations
• Drawing annual accounts and financial report;
• Calculation of all types of taxes
• Representation in an Employment Agency
• Economical law council;
• Taxes consulting;
• Making of business plan;
• Employee registration
• Making of yearly tax application;
• Making of financial report for internal and external users;
• Financial analysis according to the international accountant standard

Customs consulting services

Domain of customs legislation :
• Customs procedures
• Customs tariff
• Origin of goods
• Customs valuation
• Procedures with economical impact: customs warehousing, inward processing, temporary import

Services you can get:
• Education through courses for all employees in companies active in import/export procedures;
• Creating declaration with programmes present in Macedonian Business Community ;
• Registration of data and handling with the programmes for customs storing, inward processing (Lohn System)
• Creating declarations in customs programme EUREKA , KASPER, SOCDAD
• Establishing claims in EXIM application;
• Admission for customs representation, authorized economic operator, customs warehousing, inward processing etc.;
• Consultant services in customs affairs;
• Written information for every question to our team.

Trading partner of the Cashback world community


All types of services we offer, are governed by a contract setting out the rights and obligations of each other, as well as the principles of mutual cooperation.

Deadlines for submission of documents by our clients;
Compliance with deadlines for processing and submission of calculations and reports;
Defined terms for direct communication with clients;
Compliance with the basic accounting principles;
Professional ethics;
Business and strict confidentiality.

Our office

Our team

Our team is made up of authorized people with years of experience who are recognized for their dedication and professional approach to work. Professionalism is supplemented by the daily observance of legal regulations and their proper application in the area of work. Continuing professional learning takes place by attending professional seminars that provide the right guidance for the right decision-making and decision-making.
The following are members of the Bivest team:

Biljana Mihajlova Vasileva

Company Manager -
Licensed certified accountant
070 / 340-521

Kristijan Vasilev

Licensed accountant
072 / 213-953

Vasilev Stojce

customs representation consultant
070 / 349-921

Clients - Partners

The trust and support provided by our service users is a critical factor in our continued progress.

Our Clients:

Trading companies
Production companies with different production processes
Construction companies
Transport companies
Forwarding companies
Health organizations
Private health facilities and polyclinics
Financial management and accounting of EU funded projects, IPA projects
Marketing Agencies, Production and Publishing Companies
Sole Proprietors-repairmen, craftsmen, artists, etc.
Sole proprietors - intellectuals, lawyers, notaries, scientists, etc.
NGOs and associations
Private persons and Individuals submitting VAT applications
Service and other activities

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